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Photoshop Training: Corporate Marketing Bootcamp Online Training

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Photoshop Training: Corporate Marketing Bootcamp

"I liked being able to use real world examples and discuss some of the other features that integrate into Adobe's other programs such as Illustrator and InDesign. Fun class I learned a lot!" - Victoria

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The Photoshop Corporate Marketing Bootcamp training is a comprehensive course that pairs and integrates both of our Corporate Marketing 1 and 2 classes. This course is a complete foundation that starts at a beginning level and progresses to an intermediate level of mastery.

This course is designed for business professionals who want to learn how to create professional marketing materials and communicate effectively using Photoshop, the industry-standard tool for photo manipulation. 

In this class, you will start by learning the program's interface and setting up an image editing process. Then, you will learn advanced techniques for retouching, repairing, and manipulating photos. You will work on projects that are relevant to a production environment, such as flyers, business cards, and web graphics, and you will learn how to use layers, masks, and typography to create amazing image effects. You will also learn how to manipulate camera files, use advanced compositing techniques, and properly output files for various media. 

This Adobe Photoshop course is suitable for users at all levels, from beginners to intermediate learners. It is suitable for both small and large organizations and is suitable for all types of business professionals, including employees from energy companies, financial investment and banking firms, and government agencies.


  • Get Comfortable with the interface and workspaces
  • Understand color profiles and pixel resolution for print and web projects
  • Use Adjustment Layers for color correction and artistic looks on Photography
  • Incorporate multiple images to create single composition
  • Use the Camera RAW editor to manipulate professional photography
  • Retouch photos with the Healing Brush and Clone Stamp tools
  • Format type and vector shapes
  • Export images and pdf documents for publication or web delivery
  • Use Smart Objects to create advanced compositions
  • Apply Photoshop filters as Smart Filters
  • Explore the Brush tools settings
  • Create custom brushes to create unique artwork
  • Using channels to create precise selections to mask background
  • Make animated GIFs web ad banners using the Timeline Panel
  • Design UI elements for web and mobile applications
  • Utilize Photoshop Artboards to create layout mock-ups
  • Use Paragraph and Character Styles to apply consistent text formatting

If you need additional information regarding the course syllabus, please Contact Us.

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Course Manual


  • Basic Computer Skills on Windows or Mac

Skill Level: 1-2

Foundation to Beyond Basics


Along with this training, you will receive:

  • Student courseware and class projects
  • Adobe Photoshop Course Certificate
  • Conversion tools bookmark

This training can also assist with the preparation of Adobe certification exams, including the Adobe Certified Professional credential.

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