US Navy

Training Services, Video Production

US Navy Underwater Photographer Feature & Training

Project Overview

Lumenbrite had the privilege of collaborating with an exceptional individual. Together, we produced, filmed, and edited a short feature showcasing Blake Midnight of the US Navy underwater photography team in Hawaii.

Blake's role involves creating a video journal for special forces missions. He accompanies SOCOM teams on their missions to capture, document, and edit a compelling and well-documented visual mission log for command leadership


Services and Toolkit

Lumenbrite conducted training sessions and provides ongoing support in video and imaging programs for the Navy's underwater photography team. Our commitment extends beyond initial training to ensure the team remains equipped with the necessary skills and expertise for their critical missions.

  • Video Production
  • Training Services
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects

"This training was time well spent, I'm highly impressed with the level of professional knowledge within this organization. Very grateful for the knowledge!"

Blake Midnight - U.S. Navy Underwater Photographer