Austin Convention Center Department

Video Production

Promotional Videos Showcasing the Austin Convention Center’s Diverse Events and Services

Project Overview

The Austin Convention Center Department has collaborated with Lumenbrite to produce an engaging series of promotional videos, each spotlighting various events and services hosted within the center. This initiative aims to not only showcase the vibrancy of the events but also emphasize the broad spectrum of capabilities the Convention Center brings to the table. All of our footage, including aerial drone is captured for each production.

Capturing the Essence

Our dedicated team immerses themselves in these events, adopting a dynamic “run and gun” style to authentically capture the essence of each moment. From the genuine reactions of attendees to the exceptional efforts of the dedicated staff providing top-notch service, our videos aim to encapsulate the unique and inviting atmosphere that defines the Convention Center experience.

Portfolio Projects

The visual narrative of our portfolio unfolds to not only highlight the specific events but also to communicate the comprehensive range of services and amenities the Convention Center seamlessly offers. Lumenbrite’s skillful storytelling and cinematic approach bring to life the dynamic energy and diverse offerings that make the Austin Convention Center a hub of excitement and capability.

Services and Toolkit

All productions are meticulously planned within tight timeframes and frequently undergo changes even on the day of the shoot.These dynamic projects usually require a fast turnaround time and very close client collaboration.

  • Video Production
  • Drone Capture
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects