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FrameMaker Training: Bootcamp in Phoenix, AZ

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FrameMaker Training: Bootcamp

"The course was very interactive and was well adjusted to different computer skill levels. It is a great introduction course for FrameMaker and covers a wide variety of content." - Matthew

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This FrameMaker course is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation, starting with basic concepts and progressing to an intermediate level of mastery. 

By taking this class, you will learn how to use FrameMaker to author and publish long technical documents using enterprise-class tools with advanced features that make complicated layouts and page numbering easy. 

Throughout the course, you will discover how to use FrameMaker as a powerful word processing application, creating flowing text documents using reusable master pages, paragraph, table, and character styles. You will also learn how to export pristine PDF documents that are ready for print. 

The course will delve into the long document support features of FrameMaker, including book management, working with advanced numbering, markers, and variables. Additionally, you will learn how to create sophisticated tables, rich formatting options, footnotes, cross-references, and more. You will also learn how to manipulate conditional documents and publish for different outputs, as well as how to work with templates and advanced formats to reuse design and content. 

Furthermore, for those who are already familiar with technical document editing, the course will provide an overview of the basic differences between FrameMaker and InDesign. Your instructor will also cover potential pitfalls and best practices, ensuring that you are creating and exporting FrameMaker documents in the correct way. 

Please note that this Adobe FrameMaker course is applicable to FrameMaker 11, FrameMaker 12, FrameMaker 2015, FrameMaker 2017, and FrameMaker 2019 versions. However, it will not cover the advanced XML structured features.


  • Get comfortable with the interface and workspaces
  • Learn about technical document publishing practices and nomenclature
  • Work with the Paragraph and Character Designers to create formats
  • Utilize Master pages to create different layouts
  • Incorporate basic variables for page headers/footers and titles
  • Learn to create custom bullets and basic numbering systems
  • Incorporate graphics that include inline graphics
  • Utilize tables and formatting methods
  • Create custom colors and technical document design
  • Explore the different export options for print
  • Review basic technical document workflows
  • Learn more about technical document publishing practices and nomenclature
  • Create hyperlinks, cross references and other interactive markers
  • Incorporate advanced numbering schemes
  • Utilize text insets and conditional areas
  • Learn to import, paste and manipulate Microsoft Word documents and other content
  • Create book files and organize documents
  • Work with advanced variables that flow with page documents and book files
  • Utilize Reference pages to create and manipulate on page design and TOC systems
  • Create and Index, Table of Contents and other front/back matter for technical books
  • Learn how to export a variety of formats for print, web and help system

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Course Manual


  • Basic Computer Skills on Windows

Skill Level: 1-2

Foundation to Beyond Basics


Along with this training, you will receive:

  • Student courseware and class projects
  • Adobe FrameMaker Course Certificate
  • Conversion tools bookmark

This training can also assist with the preparation of Adobe certification exams, including the Adobe Certified Professional credential.

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