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Interview with Don Costante of the Kansas City Royals

November 9, 2017

Don Costante is the Senior Director of Event Presentation and Production of the Kansas City Royals Major League Baseball team.

I had the unique and fantastic opportunity to visit Don in his environment and shoot an interview to get a behind the scenes glimpse at the media production of an MLB game. Don has a remarkable career that includes an NBA Championship in 2014 with the San Antonio Spurs, and an MLB World Series Championship in 2015 with the Kansas City Royals. And yes, he has two rings.

The man is a beast. Besides his full time career with the Royals, he also has his own international sports consulting company, he is writing a book and is totally buff. I really enjoyed visiting with Don and I feel very fortunate that he has chosen us to help with his training needs.

Don visits us annually to take Premiere, After Effects and other Creative Cloud classes to keep up to date with his skills so that he can better communicate with his staff.