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Figma Training: Bootcamp Online Training

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Figma Training: Bootcamp

"Anthony is very knowledgeable on the subject, and was able to scale his input based on need. I understand Figma much more than when I started, and feel comfortable in the program to start prototyping." - James

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This platform boasts powerful design capabilities that enable users to bring their desired experiences to life. 

The Figma Bootcamp training is a three-day course that covers both the basics and advanced aspects of design using Figma's online tools and features. Learn how to create and prototype mockups for websites and mobile apps, focusing on wireframing, design, and interaction creation. You will also cover the process of starting a Design System that incorporates colors, typography, and reusable components, as well as utilizing variants for dynamic elements that allow you to easily switch between variations in your layouts. 

Additionally, you will gain a deep understanding of how to create responsive designs using Figma's Auto Layout properties and how to set up your project to create seamless page transitions using the Smart-Animate feature.


  • Getting to know Figma
  • Introduction to Workspace
  • Pages, Canvas and Frames
  • Viewing, Locking and Unlocking Layers
  • Using Rulers, Grids, and Guides   
  • Creating Shapes and Other Objects in Figma
  • Creating Custom Shapes Using Boolean Features
  • Aligning and Distributing Objects
  • Working with Images in Figma
  • Cropping and Masking
  • Inserting Text into a Figma Prototype
  • Creating and Editing Text Styles
  • Using the Prototyping Tools in Figma
  • Saving & Exporting Your Figma Prototype
  • Frame Properties in Figma
  • Building Frames to Scroll
  • Using Figma's Automatic layout
  • Auto layout with Multiple Items
  • Applying Constraints Using Figma
  • Create Fixed Objects in a Prototype
  • Creating Reusable Components in Figma
  • Organizing Components
  • Design Component Variants
  • Create Animations and Page Transitions
  • Using Figma Libraries as Design Assets
  • Saving & Exporting Your Figma Prototype
  • Using Figma Plug-ins
  • How to find Plug-ins
  • Loading Plug-ins

If you need additional information regarding the course syllabus, please Contact Us.

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  • Basic computer knowledge on a Mac or PC

Skill Level: 1



Along with this training, you will receive:

  • Student courseware and class projects
  • Figma Course Certificate