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Element 3D for After Effects Workshop in Austin, TX

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Element 3D for After Effects Workshop

"Instructor was knowledgeable and thorough." - Jonthan

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Learn how to create 3D animations using Element 3D, a powerful third-party plugin for After Effects. We will cover the fundamental skills needed to work with 3D models, text, and other objects in Element 3D. 

In this class, you will learn how to use the Element 3D plugin in After Effects to create high quality 3D animations with impressive speed and control. You will learn techniques for manipulating transforming objects, applying materials, reflections, and lighting scenes. 

Your instructor will guide you through the best practices for using Element 3D, including how to avoid common pitfalls and create professional-grade motion graphics and video effects that will be properly viewed by your audiences in this Adobe Effects Effects training.


  • About Element 3D and Real-world Applications
  • Working with 3D in AfterEffects
  • Using Cameras and Lights
  • Manipulating Views and optimizing performance
  • Touring effect and properties
  • Navigating and Workspace of Element 3D
  • Applying Element 3D in AfterEffects Workflow
  • Assigning 3D objects to groups
  • Basic Animation using Element 3D
  • Adjusting transform properties
  • Creating 3D objects from text and masks
  • Working with bevel and material presets
  • Creating custom materials and working with material packs
  • Adding Lights and working with cameras
  • Working with Replicator Shapes
  • Working with Multi-object Animation
  • Using Animation Engine with multiple groups
  • Animating using single groups
  • Modifying depth of field
  • Incorporating Photoshop and Cinema 4D objects
  • Aligning with AfterEffects Nulls and working with expressions
  • Leveraging additional scripts
  • Rendering in AfterEffects

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Course Manual



Skill Level: 2

Beyond Basics


Along with this training, you will receive:

  • Student courseware and class projects
  • Adobe Dreamweaver Course Certificate
  • Conversion tools bookmark

This training can also assist with the preparation of Adobe certification exams, including the Adobe Certified Professional credential.

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