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Video Production: Essential Skills 2


Take your skills to the next level in this 2-day video production course. In this training you will learn how to organize and create promotional videos and news video packages. 

This is a very hands-on class with time spent using gear and lighting, as well as editing footage and creating motion graphics in the lab.

Promotional Videos are 2 - 5 minute videos essential to advertising an event, workshop, department, company, product or service. It is filled with compelling visual information to encourage the viewers to take part.

News Video Packages are 1 - 3 minute videos that communicate objective factual information. It is a combination of interviews, voice overs and reference visual images. This format is used to communicate news about the company, department or executive board. 

To view examples of projects that were planned, shot and edited by students in previous Video Production classes, check out our student projects on YouTube.


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  • Understand and practice how to film moments
  • Understand and practice how to use lighting creatively to enhance a moment
  • Understand and practice how to maximize the use of window light and other available light sources
  • Understand and practice how to choose the right lens or focal length to enhance composition
  • Understand and practice composition better with the use of low and high angles
  • Understand and practice composition better with the use of building image relationships which include frame within a frame, shoot throughs and one/two point perspective
  • Understand and practice composition better with the use of filming first person, second person and third person
  • Understand and practice the importance of capturing factual objective information
  • Understand and practice filming “B” roll or reference images
  • Implement music and sounds to enhance the visual experience

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Skill Level: 2

Beyond Basics


Along with this training, you will receive:

  • Adobe Authorized Training
  • Student courseware and class projects
  • An Adobe Nationally Recognized Course Certificate
  • Conversion tools bookmark
  • VIP Lumenbrite Seminars & Events
  • Adobe MAX Discounts & Exclusive Events
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