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Figma Training: Essential Skills 2

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Take your skills to the next level and streamline your design process to create an engaging user experience.

Figma Essential Skills 2 training is a two-day class focused on taking your knowledge of basic design principles and taking them to the next level. Learn how to streamline your prototypes by creating a Design System of colors, typography styles and components. Utilizes variants to create dynamic components to quickly switch between variations in your layouts. Create responsive designs using Figma's Auto Layout properties. Learn how to set up your project to create page transitions with the Smart-Animate property.


  • Frame Properties in Figma
  • Changing the Size of a Frame
  • Building Frames to Scroll
  • Adjusting a Frame’s Bounds
  • Using Figma's Automatic layout
  • Auto layout with Multiple Items
  • Applying Constraints Using Figma
  • Using the Prototyping Tools in Figma
  • Create Fixed Objects in a Prototype
  • Using and Editing Layout Grids
  • Controlling the Resize and Proportions
  • Creating and Editing Text Styles
  • Creating Reusable Components in Figma
  • Organizing Components
  • Nesting Components
  • Create Animations and Page Transitions
  • Using Figma Libraries as Design Assets
  • Creating, Sharing, and Editing Libraries
  • Saving & Exporting Your Figma Prototype
  • Using Figma Plug-ins
  • How to find Plug-ins
  • Loading Plug-ins

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  • Figma Training: Essential Skills 1, or equivalent knowledge.

Skill Level: 2

Beyond Basics


Along with this training, you will receive:

  • Student courseware and class projects
  • Figma Course Certificate
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