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Enhancing Pilot Training with Immersive 3D

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This course is designed for experienced 360/VR video editors who want to add animated 3D models, such as aircraft and other learning aides, to their videos for use in pilot flight training. Students will learn how to integrate 3D models seamlessly into 360/VR videos to create realistic training scenarios that can simulate real-world flight experiences and maneuvers.

360 Video of Training Cockpit

Animate Flight Maneuvers For A More Immersive Experience

Design an immersive learning environment with 3D models to demonstrate flight maneuvers to emulate realistic scenarios within the 360/VR environment or in a standard video.

Hi-Res Render of 3D Model

Render with High Quality Models

We’ll teach you the process to find, edit and import beautiful 3D models and then animate without the hassle.

Cinema 4D with 3D Model

Import 3D Models and Customize

Get hands-on training on how to use 3D tools in AfterEffects, incorporate plugins such as Element 3D and utilize Cinema 4D to expand the possibilities with 3D modeling and animation.

Adding 3D models in Premiere Pro

Learn Simplified 3D and 360/VR Workflows

Learn to import and animate photorealistic 3D models and seamlessly import into a 360/VR or standard Premiere Pro video editing timeline.


  • Learn the best practices to create 3D animations for 360/VR pilot training
  • Animate 3D models within a 360 environment to create photorealistic and engaging simulations and demonstrations
  • Explore simplified workflows for After Effects, Cinema 4D and Element 3D 
  • Incorporate a streamlined workflow to import 3D footage into your Premiere Pro timeline
  • Import 3D object and animate with After Effects
  • Incorporate compositing skills from After Effects
  • Work with the Mograph menu and Effectors
  • Apply Lights and Cameras
  • Work with 3D Motion Tracking within your 360 footage with the Cineware plugin
  • Learn to manipulate project settings, render and quality settings



Skill Level: 2

Beyond Basics


Along with this training, you will receive:

  • License of Element 3D
  • Student courseware and class projects
  • Adobe Course Certificate
  • Conversion tools bookmark

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